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Tough chipper and a good sweat to round out the week, great work everyone!

WOD 052717

For time:

200m run together

100 medicine ball sit-ups; throw the MB to your partner who is in a wall sit

200m run together

100 hang power cleans (95/135); partner is in a handstand hold

200m run together

100 shoulder-to-overhead (95/135); partner is in a static hang

200m run together

Divide the work evenly, but reps only count if your partner is in a static position.

Each person must carry a medicine ball (14/20) for the run.


Nice job folks! That burpee, row couplet was rough on the lungs!

WOD 052617

Friday Chipper! TGIF!

For time:

90 double unders

60 walking lunges with a plate overhead (25/45)

30 wall balls (14/20)

50 pull-ups

30 wall balls (14/20)

60 walking lunges with a plate overhead (25/45)

90 double unders


Heaps of intensity today, well done folks!

WOD 052517

Part A:

For time:

1000m row (EMOM do 5 lateral burpees over the rower)

Set your rower to a single distance of 1000m. On 3-2-1 go, do 5 lateral burpees over the rower, then jump on and row hard. At the top of each minute thereafter, get off the rower and do the burpees. Continue in this fashion until the 1000m is rowed and note your time for score.

Part B:

EMOM for 12 minutes:

odd minutes: 10-15 ring push-ups

even minutes: 20-second static hang

Choose a number for the ring push-ups that works for you and try and maintain it every other minute.


Beautiful day, great crew, lots of work put in, great job folks!

WOD 052417

Part A:

10 back squats (add 5 or 10# from last week)

Part B:

3 rounds for time of:

400m run

20 thrusters (55/75)


Lousy weather, but a great turnout for a May 2-4 holiday Hero WOD. Great job on "Jack" everyone! If you didn't get a chance to get in today, feel free to give it a go tomorrow!

WOD 052317

Part A:

4-minute AMRAP:

unbroken sets of 20 double unders

Every time you complete 20 unbroken double unders, you must stop and start again. Post total number of unbroken sets for score.

Part B:

snatch grip deadlift: 3-3-3-3-3 (not touch and go)

Part C:

weighted strict pull-ups: 5-5-5-5-5


Nice job boys, those single arm KB push jerks got spicy!

WOD 052217

We’ll be open at 11AM only tomorrow for a Victoria Day holiday Hero WOD. If you’re not camping or partied out, come on in and give it a go!


20-minute AMRAP:

10 push presses (75/115)

10 kettlebell swings (35/53)

10 box jumps (20/24)


Great effort today folks! Did any of you have a chance to watch the Regional athletes absolutely crush this one today?

WOD 052017

Partner “Deck of Cards”

SPADES = toes-to-bar

HEARTS = alternating lunges in place with barbell overhead (55/75)

CLUBS = calories on the rower

DIAMONDS = one-arm kettlebell push jerks (35/53)

JOKERS = run 400m together

Each group of two will have a shuffled deck of 54 cards. Lay the cards face down and on the count of “3-2-1, GO!” one person draws the top card and depending on the suit, will do one of the four movements above. Do the number of reps corresponding to the number on the card.

For face cards, it’s 11 reps for a Jack, 12 reps for a Queen, 13 reps for a King and 14 reps for an Ace.

This workout is for time. Take turns drawing cards and completing all reps for each movement until you are through the entire deck.


Ya'll avoiding burpees? Nice work to those who showed up for a quick, nasty couplet!

WOD 051917

CrossFit Games Regional Event 1.

For time:

1,200m run

Then, 12 rounds of:

4 strict handstand push-ups

8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

12 squats

*wear a vest (14/20)

Time cap: 25 minutes

Scale this one accordingly folks and have at it! And feel free to finish it if you wish.

For the 1,200m run, do an 800m then a 400m.


Nice job today! Other than a moose crashing the 6AM class, it was pretty smooth sailing!

WOD 051817

Part A:

10 back squats (add 5 or 10# from last week)

Part B:

For time:

21-15-9 reps of:

sumo deadlift high pulls (65/95)

bar-facing burpees


Way to grind folks, that was a long sweaty one! And those single unders eh? Fun!

WOD 051717

Part A:

push jerks: build to a heavy set of 4 (take the bar from the floor)

Part B:

5 rounds for time of:

200m run

8 push jerks (95/135)

16 pistols (alternating)

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