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Big hops around here and insane times on the run/squat couplet, nice job!

WOD 082616

Friday EMOM Mash

odd minutes (1,3,5): 10 handstand push-ups

even minutes (2,4,6): 50 double unders

minutes (7,8): REST

odd minutes (9,11,13): 5 hang power cleans (125/185)

even minutes (10,12,14): 10 lateral burpees-over-bar

minutes (15,16): REST

odd minutes (17,19,21): 15 muscle snatches (55/75)

even minutes (18,20,22): 15 toes-to-bar

Scale the movements and/or reps accordingly so that you’re getting some rest before each minute ends.


Those shuttle runs were absolutely brutal, definitely one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. Great work folks!

WOD 082516

Part A:

broad jump:  find max (3 attempts)

See the standards in the video below. You must take-off and land with both feet at the same time. Measure from the heel of the foot closest to the start line.

Part B:

3 rounds for time:

400m run

21 back squats (95/135)

The bar must be taken from the floor.


hollow body rocks: 5 sets x 10-15 reps


Solid job on the snatch balances today and way to crush that AMRAP!

WOD 082416

Part A:

push press: 4-4-4-4-4 (climbing)

Really concentrate on technique here and make the reps touch and go. That means not resting with the barbell on the shoulders. Rest at the top of the rep if you need to and just before the barbell hits the shoulders, dip to receive it and then drive it overhead. Push presses are tough to cycle for multiple reps, but they’re a vital skill to have. Flexibility and mobility is important so that you’re able to get into good positions for receiving the barbell and driving it off the shoulders. Let’s work on it!

Part B:

Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds (20 minutes)

200m shuttle run (50m down, 50m back x 2)

Post your FASTEST and SLOWEST rounds for score.




Nice job on the deads, going to be a few PRs once this strength cycle is over! Those thrusters got hard today!

WOD 082316

Part A:

snatch balance: build to a heavy single

If you’re struggling or are new to overhead squats, work on those instead.

Part B:

10-minute AMRAP:

5 power cleans (95/135)

7 ring dips

9 box jumps (20/24)


dumbbell alternating hammer curls: 3-5 sets x 10 reps


Nice job on an unusually quiet Saturday morning. Holly and Jory got to do redo this one and and it was great seeing how much stronger and fitter they are!

WOD 082216

Part A:

deadlifts: 5-5-5@85%

Part B:

5 rounds for time:

6 bar muscle ups

20 thrusters (35/45)


skull crushers from the rack: 3 sets x 10 reps


Fantastic job on "Glen" everyone, super proud of your effort today! Sometimes the most daunting looking workouts are the most satisfying. It was nice to see some of you doing rope climbs for the very first time.

WOD 082016

This Partner WOD is inspired by Events 7 & 8 of the 2015 CrossFit Team Series Workouts, and it’s a Throwback workout from Oct 10, 2015.

Part A:

For time:

100 toes-to-bar

100 shoulder-to-overhead (95/135)

While one person performs toes-to-bar, the other person must hold their respective barbell overhead in order for the reps to count.

While one person performs shoulder-to-overhead, the other person must be hanging from a pull-up bar in order for the reps to count.

Each person MUST complete 25 reps at a time before switching.

Part B:

In a 10-minute window, you and your partner must establish a 7-rep max front squat. Post the sum of each athlete’s heaviest set for score. No racks are permitted.

RESULTS (Oct 10, 2015)


What a burner, great job folks! Nice work on the snatches too, coming along nicely!

It’s Friday, let’s go LONG! Don’t be intimidated by this Hero WOD, there are plenty of ways to scale it so that you get it done in a timely matter. I did this one four years ago, it was a lot of fun!

WOD 081916


For time:

30 clean & jerks (95/135)

1-mile run

10 rope climbs to 15’

1-mile run

100 burpees


Nice job on a very gymnastics-oriented couplet!

WOD 081816

Part A:

snatch: build to a heavy single (squat snatch preferably, power snatch or hang power snatch for beginners)

then; 10 snatches @ 70% (aim to get these done in 3 minutes or less, with good form)

Part B:

EMOM for 12 minutes:

odd minutes: calories on rower

even minutes: box step-ups (20) with a plate overhead (25/45)

Every minute is a Tubby Tabata (40 seconds on, 20 seconds off) and post total reps completed for each movement for score.


hip extensions: 3 sets of 20 reps (add weight if possible by holding a plate to your chest)


Heavy barbells are a lot of fun, great job gang!

WOD 081716

Part A:

front squats: 3-3-3-3-3 (climbing, with a 2-second pause at the bottom of each squat)

Part B:

8-minute AMRAP:

8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

8 hand-release push-ups


GHD sit-ups: 3 sets x 20 reps


Nice work on the jerks, saw some great barbell cycling today. Keep practicing!

WOD 081616

Part A:

3 deadlifts + 2 hang power cleans + 1 thruster: find your max for this complex

Part B:

For time:

21 deadlifts (155/225)

15 hang power cleans (125/185)

9 thrusters (95/135)



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