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Nice job on a Fight Gone Bad kind of feeling workout! Great work on those static position as well, keep practicing those!

WOD 021216

It’s Friday, Chip Chip Hooray!

For time:

200m farmer’s carry with kettlebells (53/70)

15 front squats (95/135)

20 hang power cleans (95/135)

1-minute handstand hold

50m walking lunge

1-minute handstand hold

20 hang power cleans (95/135)

15 front squats (95/135)

200m run with plate (25/45) overhead


It's nice to see you scaling to achieve intensity! Great job today, that was a tough one on the grip!

WOD 021116

Part A:

4 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute of calorie rowing

1 minute of wall balls (14/20)

1 minute of sit-ups

1 minute of rest

Post TOTAL reps completed for score.

Part B:

max static support on rings

max static hang with chin over the bar


Nice to see a few bodies around in the evening after a stormy morning and afternoon. Great strength session today and nice job on the burpee box jumps!

WOD 021016

Part A:

For time:

100 double unders


21-15-9 reps of:

deadlifts (115/165)



100 double unders

Part B:

EMOM for 10 minutes:

strict pull-ups

You choose the number of strict pull-ups for each minute and keep the same number across all 10 sets. All sets must be unbroken, i.e., no coming off the bar. Don’t worry if you need to shave a rep or two, but don’t go too big on that first set because strict pull-ups go away fast!

Post the number of strict pull-ups you did for every minute for score.


6AM CLASS CANCELLED - I decided to cancel it folks, not looking good at all for that hour in the morning.

That was a fun triplet today, much harder than it looked! Amazing work folks!

WOD 020916

Part A:

push press: 5-5-5-5-5

Part B:

back squats: 5-5-5-5-5

Part C:

5 minute AMRAP:

burpee box jumps (20/24)


No better way to spend CrossFit Islander’s 4th anniversary than with this amazing group of individuals!

Saturday’s TEAM THROWDOWN was a blast! The competition was tight, everyone had a great time (and workout) and the food and beer afterwards really hit the spot!

Great work everyone! Can’t wait for next year!

WOD 020816

Part A:

clean & jerk: build to a heavy single

Part B:

For time:

15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

chest-to-bar pull-ups

clean & jerks (65/95)



Nice job on the MASH today! Quite a bit of pulling, which made it a tough one!

WOD 020616


CrossFit Islander opened its doors exactly four years ago tomorrow and we’re going to celebrate by getting together for some FOOD and FITNESS! It’s our 2nd annual TEAM THROWDOWN & POTLUCK, so don’t forget to bring along a dish, and don’t be too particular, we need all the carbs we can get!

I won’t release full details of the workouts until tomorrow, but there will be 3 workouts and here’s a little taste of what we can expect.

The first workout consists of four benchmark CrossFit girls and each member of your team is required to complete one of them. Everyone knows the girls. We’ve done them quite a few times and we know how much fun they can be! The order that you complete the workouts and who does what workout is entirely up to your team.

The second workout will involve a 1RM lift. The female athletes will divide into groups of 3 or 4 for this one so that we can accommodate the use of the 35# barbells.

The final workout is a team chipper and this one will be just like the ones you’re used to doing on Saturday during Partner WODs. There will be four movements and a bunch of reps whereby the work will be divided evenly with only one person working at time. The order that you do the movements is entirely up to your team.

I had to do a little restructuring of the teams as we had a couple of people drop out, so CLANG & BANG no longer exists, unless we get a couple of more people show up. Sorry guys!

See you all tomorrow!

AMINO DISRESPECT – James, Anthony, Barry C., Cynthia, Joanne

ROGUE SHITNESS – Jeremy, Chris K., Tyson, Cheryl, Lisa

HUSTLE & MUSCLE – Julie, Nadia, Jason, Colin

DUDES & BOOBS – Matt B., Doug, Jess, Tracy C.

RED DOT ADDICTS – Amanda, Ash, Chris S., Aaron

SACKS & RACKS – Ryan, Curtis, Becci, Sheena

JUST KIPPING IT REAL – Wally, Rodi, Marielle, Andrea


It sure was great to see the incredible improvements on this one! The hang power cleans got crushed and the times were faster! Way to go folks!

Oops, I forgot Ash's red dot, SORRY ASH!

The TEAM THROWDOWN & POTLUCK this Saturday morning at 10am is shaping up quite nicely! Don’t forget to bring along a dish and join in on a few hours of friends, fun and fitness!

Here’s how the teams are looking thus far.

AMINO DISRESPECT – James, Anthony, Cynthia, Joanne

ROGUE SHITNESS – Jeremy, Chris K., Cheryl, Lisa

HUSTLE & MUSCLE – Julie, Kelly, Jason, Colin

DUDES & BOOBS – Matt B., Doug, Jess, Tracy C.

RED DOT ADDICTS – Amanda, Ash, Chris S., Aaron

SACKS & RACKS – Ryan, Curtis, Becci, Sheena

JUST KIPPING IT REAL – Wally, Mark, Marielle, Andrea

CLANG & BANG – Rodi, Barry C., Tyson, Nadia (maybe)

WOD 020516

Big Friday MASH

For time:

9 bar muscle ups

21 jerks (85/115)

7 bar muscle ups

15 jerks (85/115)

5 bar muscle ups

9 jerks (85/115)



For time:

1000m row


2 rounds of:

40 walking lunges

20 deadlifts (135/185)

Scaling bar muscle ups: chest-to-bar pull-ups x 2 OR ring rows x 3

The first part of the MASH is courtesy of and here it is, at warp speed!


MASSIVE improvements from 2 years ago and even 4 months ago! Way to go folks, so proud!

WOD 020416


3rd time’s a charm for this dandy workout, hit it HARD!

Part A:

hang power clean: 3-3-3-3-3

Part B:

3 rounds for time:

400m run

21 push-ups

12 toes-to-bar

Results (March 19, 2015)

Results (Nov 20, 2014)


Nice job on the snatches! That second wave of building to a heavy single was extremely beneficial as it allowed you to really hone in on your technique while building back up. And the bar certainly felt lighter the second time around!

That couplet was meant to be short, sweaty and painful and everyone nailed it! Great job today!

CrossFit Islander TEAM THROWDOWN & POTLUCK, Saturday, Feb 6th @ 10am

It’s that time again!

This Saturday, Feb 6th is CrossFit Islander’s 4th birthday! To celebrate, we’re going to be doing a TEAM THROWDOWN followed by a potluck. Last year was a tremendous success and everyone had a blast.

There’s a whiteboard at the gym to put your name on if you wish to participate. It doesn’t matter what level your fitness is, or how long you’ve been CrossFitting, EVERYONE is encouraged to participate! Don’t worry if you can’t do something prescribed (Rx’d). This event is all about coming together for some fun and friendly competition so you can scale where needed and still be a part of the action.

We’ll get started around 10am and we should be finished up around noon or a little after. Cold beer will be available and please bring along a dish to share for the potluck. We’ll THROWDOWN and then CHOW DOWN!

Hope to see you there!

WOD 020316

Part A:

thruster: build to a heavy triple from the floor (do 10 double unders between every set)

Part B:


Open Workout 14.5

For time:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

thrusters (65/95)

bar-facing burpees


RESULTS (Oct 1, 2015)

RESULTS (March 29, 2014)


Incredible job on TK! Nice pacing, everyone got this one perfectly today!

Nice job on the unbroken kipping toes-to-bar challenge! It was nice to see some of you getting the movement for the first time. Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep practicing this very important skill. Keep working on your technique and every now and again going for a big unbroken set and beating your old score!


Chest-to-bar pull-ups are back and with the Open beginning at the end of this month, there’s no better time to get some practice in than right now. Starting February 1st and lasting until the end of the month, let’s see if you can string together some sets of unbroken C2B pull-ups. Having C2B pull-ups in your CrossFit arsenal is vital to being a more successful athlete. And if you’re after the elusive bar muscle up, a proficient C2B pull-up is required to make the transition.

For this challenge your goal is to bang out as many unbroken C2B pull-ups as you can in one set. These pull-ups can be a part of your warm-up, a part of the WOD or as part of your own little CA$HOUT. Just remember to keep track of your results and jot them down on the designated whiteboard at the gym. Start with that first unbroken set, and it might only be one, but try and best it each time you try.

Make sure your reps are of HIGH QUALITY! Start hanging from the bar with the arms in full extension. Kip than pull until the bar makes contact with the upper chest. Finish the movement by returning, under control, to full extension. Don’t just drop off the bar! There are plenty of great progressions and if you’re unsure, ask your coach. Just be consistent and make sure each and every rep is PERFECT!

Good luck!

WOD 020216

Part A:

snatch: build to a heavy single twice

For the snatch, start with approximately 50% of your 1RM and add 5-10# every set. Once you’ve established a heavy single, strip the weight to 50% and build to a heavy single again. Squat snatch if you can and really focus on your technique more so than the load!

Part B:

10 minute AMRAP:

10 sumo deadlift high pulls (65/95)

20 double unders

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