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Fun crew for a super intense Partner WOD, great job everyone, smoked it!

WOD 053016

Part A:

3 rounds for time:

400m run

30 sit-ups

20 Russian KB swings (53/70)

Part B:

deadlifts: 5-5-5-5-5@70%


L-hangs: 3-5 sets of 20 seconds

An L-hang is a static hang from the bar whereby you bring your legs up until they are parallel to the floor (90 degrees at the hip). Scale the time accordingly.


Way to crush a tough 7:30 of high intensity work! Nice job on the snatch balance and overhead squats. They require quite a bit of skill and mobility, keep working on 'em!

WOD 052816

Partner WOD

5 minutes on, 2 minutes off of:

calorie row



clean & jerks (75/115)

thrusters (55/75)

Only one person works at a time; divide the work however you wish.

Post TOTAL reps completed for score.


"The Heart Attack" was a lot of fun, cardio for days! Great job on a tough one and nice work on the static hangs!

WOD 052716

Part A:

snatch balance + 2 overhead squats: build to a heavy triple (from the rack)

Part B:

5 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of:

push press (65/95)

hang power snatch (65/95)

Russian medicine ball twists (14/20)

Post total reps completed for score.


ab wheel rollouts: 20-20-20


Super humid in the gym today, that was a sweaty one! Well done folks!

WOD 052616

“The Heart Attack”

For time:

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of:

burpees to a plate (25/45)

Run 400m before every set of burpees.


Grip conditioning: death by static hang

min 1: 5 seconds, min 2: 10 seconds, min 3: 15 seconds, etc…

If you make it all the way to min 12: 60 seconds you have the grip strength of a primate!


Nice job on the 5-rounder and on the deadlifts! Now you've all got a number to use for your percentage work in the coming weeks. Should be fun!

WOD 052516

Part A:

hang squat clean: build to a heavy double

Part B:

“The Hang Up”

15-minute AMRAP:

40 double unders

3 hang squat cleans (105/155)

2 push jerks (105/155)

10 toes-to-bar


hip extensions: 15-15-15 (weighted if possible)


Great little group in for our annual "Victoria 2-4" WOD, great job gang!

WOD 052416

This week we’re going to be starting a 17-week deadlift strength cycle which will see us deadlifting once a week. This cycle is all percentage work, so you’ll need to know what your 1RM deadlift is before beginning. In 17 weeks we’ll retest it and hopefully see a slew of PRs! Good luck folks, should be fun!

Part A:

deadlift: find your 1RM

Part B:

5 rounds for time:

10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

20 alternating lunges in place with a barbell (35/45) overhead


I’ll be including optional accessory work from now on. If you’ve got time before or after your workout, feel free to do it and scale as needed. The ring push-ups below are not for time, but for quality. Rest as needed between sets and choose a number that you can do unbroken.

ring push-ups: 10-10-10-10-10


Had a blast doing “Eva” as a Partner fundraiser WOD! Great crew, beautiful weather and some money raised for kids’ cancer!

WOD 052316

We’ll be open at 11 and 12 only on Monday for the Victoria Day holiday. If you're not camping and are around, come on in and give our annual Victoria Day workout a go, it’s a fun one!

“Victoria 2-4”

For time:

250m run

24 clean & jerks (95/135)

250m run

24 pull-ups

250m run

24 burpee box jumps (20/24)

250m run

24 kettlebell swings (53/70)

250m run

24 back squats (95/135)

RESULTS (May 18, 2015)


Macho Mary was a blast, such an amazing mix of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio – the essence of CrossFit! We’ll have to give that one a go again one day. Great job folks, and thanks for a great week of programming Coach Jeremy!

WOD 052116

Ash and a few others at CFI will be participating in The Inside Ride fundraiser on Saturday, June 18th. We've got two teams for sure and perhaps a third one! As part of this, we’ll be doing a very special Partner WOD tomorrow. It’s the CrossFit benchmark “Eva” which is dedicated to Ash’s little friend Eva who was diagnosed and is bravely battling cancer. Watching this courageous little girl battle has inspired Ash to help families who are dealing with cancer in any way she can. There will be a donation box at the gym if you’ve got any spare change kicking around. Thanks folks and hope to see you tomorrow!


5 rounds for time:

800m run

30 kettlebell swings (53/70)

30 pull-ups

Divide all work evenly, with only one person working at a time. Run together.


A fun WOD of running and climbing, great job folks!

WOD 052016

Part A:

1 power clean + 1 front squat + 1 push jerk: find your max

Part B:

“Macho Mary”

20-minute AMRAP:

1 round of Macho Man

1 round of Mary

“Macho Man”

3 power cleans (105/155)

3 front squats

3 push jerks


5 handstand push-ups

10 pistols (alternating)

15 pull-ups


Nice job on the snatches and the engine workout! Hopefully the rowing and burpees will take care of the soreness!

WOD 051916

Part A:

Three 800m runs (rest 1:1)

Post TOTAL running time for score.

Part B:

EMOM for 12 minutes:

odd mins: 30-second hollow body hold

even mins: 30-second superman hold

Part C:

For time: 7 rope climbs to 15’

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