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Nice burn on that Partner WOD! Great job!

WOD 042015

Part A:

10 rounds of:

30 seconds of burpees

30 seconds of rest

30 seconds of pull-ups

30 seconds of rest

Post total reps for each movement and the total for score.

Part B:

back squat: find your 1RM


It took quite a bit of grit to get through that one today! Great job everyone!

Congratulations Matt Breen, much deserved!

Being humble and working hard always pays off!

WOD 041815

Partner WOD

28 minute AMRAP for max reps:

7 minutes of calorie rowing

7 minutes of alternating lunges in place with a plate overhead (25/45)

7 minutes of sumo deadlift high pulls with a kettlebell (53/70)

7 minutes of jumping back squats (35/45)

Only one person works at a time and divide all work evenly.


Great work gang!

Hey folks, thanks to Matt Breen’s connection with the owner, all CrossFit Islander members get 10% off at Cavedog Supplements!

WOD 041715

skill/strength work: spend the first 15 minutes of class working on muscle up or pull-up progressions


3 rounds for time:

30 burpees to a plate (25/45)

25 deadlifts (105/155)

20 kettlebell swings (35/53)

15 toes-to-bar

10 handstand push-ups


2 rounds instead of 3

push press instead of handstand push-ups with a manageable load.


Nice work on the jerks! And that workout was tough. I tell you, there's nothing quite as hard as pushing and pulling your very own bodyweight!

WOD 041615

Part A:

front squats: 3-3-3-3-3 @ 80%

Part B:

14 minute AMRAP:

5 hang squat cleans (65/95)

10 box jumps (20/24)

20 double unders


Tremendous job on the snatches today! Saw a few PRs but more importantly, you guys are starting to GET UNDER THE BAR! I could clearly see that it was clicking with you today, well done!

And great work on the Tabata row! Victoria and Mike CRUSHED it!

BENCHMARK WEDNESDAY will be back next week!

WOD 041515

Part A:

1 push jerk + 1 split jerk: find your max

Part B:

5 rounds for time:

10 pull-ups

20 push-ups

40 sit-ups


Part A:

push press: 2-2-2-2-2

Part B:

3 rounds instead of 5


Great effort today folks! That workout was PURE INTENSITY and to do it prescribed requires a special kind of engine and a strong mental game! It's great to see everyone improving! Way to push!

WOD 041415

Part A:

EMOM for 10 minutes: 1 squat snatch (build to a heavy single)

Part B:

EMOM for 7 minutes: 1 squat snatch @ 85% of Part A

Part C:

Tabata row for max meters


Part A:

deadlift: build to a heavy single

Part B:

EMOM for 7 minutes: 5 deadlifts @ 75% of Part A

Part C:

Tabata row for max meters


A lot of hard work put in on Sunday and a great crew!

And Saturday's Partner WOD was one of the hardest yet! Great work!

WOD 041315

Part A:

back squats: 5-5-5-5-5 @ 75-80% of 1RM

Part B:

Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds (20 minutes total):

15 wall balls (14/20)

10 burpees

Go as hard as you can for every round and note your FASTEST and SLOWEST rounds for score.

The idea behind this workout is intensity, so please scale so that you get at least 30 seconds of rest each round. For example, you may need to do 12 wall balls and 8 burpees.


Great job on the burpees! Learn to love burpees (I know that sounds sick) and you can conquer anything!

Where was Jess?

WOD 041115

Partner 30 minute AMRAP:

400m run + AMRAP kettlebell swings (35/53)

400m run + AMRAP back squats (95/135)

400m run + AMRAP double unders

400m run + AMRAP sit-ups

In this workout, once the clock starts, one person runs while the other does as many kettlebell swings as possible. Once the person running gets back, switch. Once both people have run and done kettlebell swings, move on to the back squats and continue in this fashion.

If you happen to get through all four movements within 30 minutes, go back to the beginning and start over.

Post TOTAL distance run and TOTAL reps completed for score.


That was INTENSE! Great job and way to crush the re-do! Holy smokes!

A little Throwback Thursday and Coach Heather enjoying a beer during the 2013 CrossFit Open.

Legs are looking ripped after all those 13.5 thrusters!

WOD 041015

Part A:

For time:

150 burpees

The burpee, just like any other movement in CrossFit, is a skill that needs to be practiced! It’s so easy to get sloppy with this movement, particularly as you start to fatigue. But just like snatches and double unders, you need to use good technique and be efficient.

Take a good look at the video below and try and put some of these tips into practice tomorrow. And note that it’s important to land FLAT FOOTED and not up on your toes as you come out of the bottom of the burpee. I see many make this mistake. If you’re landing on your toes you’re probably going to be in too deep of a squat position, which isn’t very efficient. In the video, he mentions not going wide with the feet as you come out of the bottom, but this isn’t too big of a concern when you’re very fatigued. Just be sure to land flat footed! And don't forget to stand tall at the top with your chest up and looking straight ahead!

Master the burpee and be awesome!

Part B:

2 minute AMRAP:

hang power cleans (95/135)


1 minute AMRAP:

hang power cleans (95/135)

ADV: (105/155)


Great job on two very tough ladies!

WOD 040915


Here's a super intense workout from October 21, 2014!

Part A:

push press: 3-3-3-3-3

Part B:

Today’s workout was designed with one thing in mind – maximizing intensity! As Coach Greg Glassman often states, “Be impressed by intensity, not volume.” Anyone can do a lot of work, but if you’re able to get to that very uncomfortable place where you feel you couldn’t push any farther, well then you’ve achieved intensity and that’s where you see real results and gains.

5 rounds, each for time, of:

5 push press/jerk

10 front squats

15 deadlifts

Start a new round every 3 minutes. Choose a load (55/75), (65/95), (75/115) or (95/135) so that you can get all 30 reps completed quickly and well within the 3-minute time cap. The only time you should be dropping the bar is after the set of 10 front squats. Post your FASTEST and SLOWEST rounds for score.


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