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Just may have been the toughest MASH yet! Great job today, a lot of skill, grit and fitness required for this one!

WOD 112815

Partner WOD

30 minute AMRAP:

2-4-6-8-10-12-14-, etc…reps of:

Partner medicine ball sit-ups (14/20)

lateral jumps over PVC (20/24)


thrusters (35/45)

Only one person works at a time and divide all work evenly.


3 minutes of lunge pain! Great effort, that was quite a mental challenge!

Well done on two very tough workouts. Keep practicing those chest-to-bar pull-ups, you're going to need 'em for the Open!

WOD 112715

Friday MASH is back!

For time:

21-15-9 reps of:

deadlifts (135/185)

burpees-over-the bar


5 rounds for time:

50 double unders

15 kettlebell swings (53/70)


7 minute AMRAP:

7 handstand push-ups

14 pistols

Post your time/score for each workout.

If you aren't quite strong enough for a HS push-ups scale, use a barbell load that allows you to do 7 unbroken push presses.


Blazing rope climbs and great "Karen" times! Great work folks, nice to see the wall ball efficiency going up!

WOD 112615

Part A:

This workout is courtesy of Zoo Battle Quebec Qualifier Event 3.

3 rounds for time:

10 clean & jerks (95/135)

15 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Part B:

This workout is courtesy of Zoo Battle Quebec Qualifier Test 1

“The Proposal”

For time:

45 alternating front rack lunges in place (105/155)

This workout has a 3-minute time cap. Your score will be the time to complete all 45 reps, or the cap plus 1 second for every unfinished rep.


Big squat cleans and nice job on a quick and painful sprint! Get working on the hook grip folks, it's vital for barbell success!

WOD 112515

Part A:



For time:

150 wall balls (14/20)

Part B:

3 minute AMRAP: rope climbs to 15’

"KAREN" RESULTS (June 10, 2015)


A brutal sprint and some tough pull-ups, great job everyone!

WOD 112415

Part A:

hang squat clean: find your 1RM

Part B:

This workout is courtesy of Zoo Battle Quebec Qualifier Event 1


For time:

25 box jump overs (20/24)

15 hang power cleans (75/115)

25 toes-to-bar

15 hang power cleans (75/115)

25 box jump overs (20/24)


Only a couple of brave pairs who gave the Partner WOD a go after the weightlifting meet on Saturday.

They all said it hurt, great job, that's a LOT of reps!

Tremendous day of lifting at the 2015 Newfoundland & Labrador Weightlifting Open! As always, a big thank you to Nick Roberts for making it happen and ensuring a smoothly run event.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers! Vicky Taylor-Hood, Geoff Sharke and Cathy Quinlan for taking care of administrative duties, Mitzy, David Adams and Frank Williams for refereeing, Chris Kennedy for doing the weigh-ins, and Heather McCracken for taking pictures.

And finally, a special thanks to all the lifters. Tremendous effort today and just getting out on that platform and lifting heavy loads takes a great deal of courage. Well done everyone!

WOD 112315

Part A:

For time:

30 calorie Assault bike

30 calorie row

30 burpees

Go FAST on this one, make it HURT!

Part B:

EMOM for 10 minutes:

3 strict pull-ups

Add weight if you can, but however you decide to do these, keep it the same across all 30 reps and scale back if needed.


Huge unbroken sets posted today, wow! This type of workout really tests your mettle and whether you’re able to dig real deep for that extra rep or two. When your body is screaming at you to stop, you have to let the mind take over so that you can keep going just a bit farther. It’s at that point that you really start to learn about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Coach Glassman says that the greatest adaptation to CrossFit is between the ears. Keep working on your mental game!

Don’t forget that the 2015 NL Open Weightlifting Meet is happening tomorrow at 10am. Things should be all wrapped up by noon, so the Partner WOD will go ahead then if anyone is interested in giving it a go.

Feel free to come by and watch the lifters, it should be a great competition!

WOD 112115

Partner WOD

For max reps:

5 minute AMCAP: calories on the assault bike

5 minute AMCAP: calorie row

5 minute AMRAP: shoulder-to-overhead (75/115)

5 minute AMRAP: goblet squats (53/70)

5 minute AMRAP: pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes after every movement.

Only one person works at a time and all reps completed will count for score.


Huge front squats and a whole lot of lunges! Sore quads and buns tomorrow and probably pecs as well from the ring dips!

Great work, those ring dips are HARD!

WOD 112015


For max reps/seconds:

wall balls (14/20)

hang power cleans (95/135)

shoulder-to-overhead (95/135)

static hang

step-ups (20) with plate overhead (25/45)


For this workout, your goal is to put the petal to the metal and get as many reps/seconds as possible unbroken for each of the movements above. Rest as needed between sets (at least 5 minutes) and really go to failure!


Very technical and difficult WOD this one! You definitely realize how vitally important it is to have great technique with the Oly lifts.

Great work everyone!

WOD 111915

Part A:

front squat: find your 2RM

Part B:

For time:

1000m row

200m walking lunge

50 ring dips


It sure was nice to run outside! Nice work on the jerks and toes-to-bar!

WOD 111815

Part A:

power snatch: find your 1RM

Part B:

This one is the conditioning piece from the CrossFit Lift-off competition.

12 minute AMRAP:

3 snatches (105/135)

6 clean & jerks (105/135)

9 chest-to-bar pull-ups

54 double unders

And here’s Rich Froning crushing it with 508 reps!

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