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Coach Jeremy is leaving us this Saturday to begin a new chapter in his life. We're really going to miss him. We've enjoyed his programming on several occasions over the years, so it's only fitting that he program his last week with us. Enjoy folks, it should be fun!

WOD 032717

Part A:

power clean: find your 1RM (2-second pause at the knee)

Part B:

weighted push-up: find your 3RM (use a partner to add plates)

Part C:

This workout is courtesy of

7-minute AMRAP:

10 power cleans (95/135)

20 push-ups


And that's a wrap for the 2017 CrossFit Open! Great job everyone, those five workouts were incredibly challenging, but it was a fantastic five weeks with plenty of support and cheering. And according to what I witnessed today, 17.5 sucked a great deal! A huge thanks to everyone who stuck around to cheer on others or judge, we've got a pretty special community!

WOD 032517

Partner WOD

For time:





“GI Jane”

“DT” consists of 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans and 6 push jerks @(105/155). For this workout, we’ll be doing an extra round (6 rounds) and each person must complete a full round before switching.

“Karen” consists of 150 wall balls (14/20). For this workout, each person must complete 15 wall balls unbroken before switching.

“GI Jane” consists of 100 burpee pull-ups. For this workout, each person must complete 5 burpee pull-ups before switching.


Fun chipper, tough as heck, just the way we like it!

WOD 032417

Open Workout 17.5

This is the final workout of the 2017 Open. It's been a blast as usual and it's always great to see people pushing themselves and doing things they never imagined possible.

If you can, try and make it in for Friday night lights, it's going to be a blast!


Nice to see a few PR's today on the shoulder press, well done folks! And it's always nice to see some getting their first rope climb or overcoming their fears and improving.

WOD 032317

Thursday CHIPPER

For time:

500m run with a medicine ball (14/20)

40 sit-ups

30 Russian KB swings (53/70)

20 goblet squats (53/70)

10 wall climbs

20 goblet squats (53/70)

30 Russian KB swings (53/70)

40 sit-ups

500m run with a medicine ball (14/20)


Great job folks, a good mix of strength and gymnastics today. Looking good with a barbell and on the bar!

WOD 032217

Part A:

shoulder press: find your 1RM (go for a PR!)

Part B:

3-minute AMRAP:

rope climbs to 15’


3-minute AMRAP:

shoulder presses @60% of 1RM


17.4 is a wrap, great job everybody and wicked work on the thrusters and dubs today, OUCH!

WOD 032117

Part A:

power clean & jerk: build to a heavy single

Part B:

For time:

30 burpee box-jump-overs (24/30)

20 clean & jerks (105/155)

10 ring muscle ups


Fabulous effort and results on 17.4, great work everyone! Four down, only one to go!

WOD 032017

Part A:

thruster: build to a heavy single (from the floor)

Part B:

Probably going to see these two movements this Friday, so have at it!

On a running clock:


2 rounds of:

10 thrusters (65/95)

20 double unders


2 rounds of:

12 thrusters (65/95)

20 double unders


2 rounds of:

14 thrusters (65/95)

20 double unders

*Every 3 minutes add 2 reps to each set of thrusters and continue until you can no longer complete the required reps within the 3-minute time limit.

*You cannot advance to the next round until the next 3-minute window starts.


Great start to 17.4! Nice to see the improvements from a year ago! A big thanks to Ash and Hutch for providing some St. Paddy's Day beers post-WOD and as always, thanks to everyone who helps out with the judging, especially Mark Jones who's become a regular Boz!

WOD 031817

Partner “Deck of Cards”

SPADES = pull-ups

HEARTS = hang power cleans (75/115)

CLUBS = box jumps (24/30)

DIAMONDS = front rack lunges (75/115)

JOKERS = 150 double unders / 50 shoulder-to-overhead (75/115)

Each group of two will have a shuffled deck of 54 cards. Lay the cards face down and on the count of “3-2-1, GO!” one person draws the top card and depending on the suit, will do one of the four movements above. Do the number of reps corresponding to the number on the card.

For face cards, it’s 11 reps for a Jack, 12 reps for a Queen, 13 reps for a King and 14 reps for an Ace.

This workout is for time. Take turns drawing cards and completing all reps for each movement until you are through the entire deck.


That was a fun MASH, super intense, nice job folks!

WOD 031717

Open Workout 17.4


Great job ya'll, it's always nice to be able to get some running in. Hopefully spring-like weather will hit soon and we'll be running outside! We'll retest our 1RM shoulder press next week, hopefully a slew of PRs!

WOD 031617

Thursday MASH

For time:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps of:




For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:


front squats (75/115)


For time:

1000m row

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