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That workout kicked our butts big time, definitely tougher than it looked! Nice work everybody, double unders are improving!

WOD 022217

“Fat Amy”

For time:

50 air squats

10 burpees

40 sit-ups

10 burpees

30 alternating lunges in place

10 burpees

20 KB swings (35/53)

10 burpees

10m bear crawl

10 burpees

20 KB swings (35/53)

10 burpees

30 alternating lunges in place

10 burpees

40 sit-ups

10 burpees

50 air squats


Fantastic results on 16.3 folks! Great vibe today, we're ready for Friday!

WOD 022117

Part A:

front squats: 1-1-1-1-1@80%

Part B:

This workout is courtesy of

For time:

500 double unders

Start a clock and at the beginning of each minute, perform 3 bodyweight front squats.

*15-minute time cap


Fast times, nice work folks!

The CFI Roster is looking strong!

The announcement for Open Workout 17.1 is this coming Thursday evening at 9:30PM. We’ll get to see a few Games athletes go head-to-head at the live announcement and on Friday evening, we get our shot!

It’s going to be a blast. If you haven’t already, get signed up and also do the online judge's course, as we're going to need judges!

WOD 022017

Part A:

shoulder press: 1-1-1-1@90%

Part B:

Open Workout 16.3

7-minute AMRAP:

10 power snatches (55/75)

3 bar muscle ups


7-minute AMRAP:

10 kettlebell swings

10 ring rows


Super work folks, that workout sucked, i.e, it was great! Haha!

WOD 021817

Grab a buddy and hit it HARD!

For time:

400m run with plate overhead (25/45)

50 ground-to-overhead with plate (25/45)

100 wall balls (14/20)

100m Partner wheel barrel

100 pull-ups

50 sit-ups with plate (25/45)

400m run with plate overhead (25/45)

Switch every 50m, for the rest of the work, divide it evenly with only one person working at a time.


Lunges for days and a real gripper, fantastic work today folks! Hope those legs are functional tomorrow!

WOD 021717

90-seconds on, 90-seconds off, for max reps of:

dumbbell burpee ground-to-overhead (35/50)

chest-to-bar pull-ups

thrusters (55/75)

GHD sit-ups

calories on the Assault bike

calorie row



kettlebell swings (35/53)

box jump overs (20/24)

Start with any movement you like, but follow the order above.


Great work folks, especially after all that shoveling!

WOD 021617

Part A:

5 rounds for time:

10 alternating back rack lunges in place (65/95)

10 alternating front rack lunges in place (65/95)

10 alternating overhead lunges in place (65/95)

Part B:

For time:

2-minute static hang

200m farmer’s carry with KB (53/70)


Only a 6AM class went down on a blustery Valentine's Day! Nice work Marielle, Joe and Shirley! I'll leave this one up for a couple of days if anyone would like to hit it.

WOD 021517

Part A:

front squats: 3-3-3-3-3@75%

Part B:

For time:

10 shoulder press (75/115)

75 double unders

15 push press (75/115)

50 double unders

20 push jerks (75/115)

25 double unders


Another WOD that was harder than it looked, great job folks! Pistols are tough, keep working on 'em!

WOD 021417

Any class cancellations due to the storm will be reflected on Mindbody folks.

Happy Valentine's Day! Once again, it's our annual Valentine's Day workout.

“Heartbreak 14”

For time:

1:40 plank

14 deadlifts (95/135)

14 handstand push-ups

14 burpee toes-to-bar

14 kettlebell swings (53/70)

14 walking lunges with a plate overhead (25/45)

1:40 static hang

14 strict pull-ups

14 front squats (95/135)

14 sumo deadlift high pulls with kettlebell (53/70)

14 backwards burpee box jumps (20/24)

14 sit-ups

14 clean & jerks (95/135)

1:40 plank


The Deck of Cards is always a hit, great job ya'll!

WOD 021317

Part A:

shoulder press: 3-3-3-3@80%

Part B:

This workout is courtesy of CrossFit Linchpin.

3 rounds for time:

30 pistols (alternating)

15 deadlifts (155/225)


10-minute AMRAP:

20 air squats

10 kettlebell deadlifts


Don't you just love those WODs that have unorthodox movements? Great job folks!

WOD 021117

Partner Deck of Cards

spades = calories on the rower

hearts = push-ups

clubs = back squats (95/135)

diamonds = plank (x5)

Jokers = 3-minute handstand hold for one joker, 150 double unders with the other joker

Each group of two will have a shuffled deck of 54 cards. Lay the cards face down and on the count of “3-2-1 GO!” one person draws the top card and depending on the suit, will do one of the four movements above. Do the number of reps corresponding to the number on the card.

For face cards it’s 11 reps for a Jack, 12 reps for a Queen, 13 reps for a King, and 14 reps for an Ace.

This workout is for time. Take turns drawing cards and completing all reps for each movement until you are through the whole deck.

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