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That Partner WOD was INTENSE, way to grind folks!

WOD 042417

Part A:

This workout is courtesy of

4 rounds for time of:

15 box jumps (28/36)

400m run

Part B:

Alternating Tabata: handstand holds/plank


That was a grind, way to end off the week folks!

WOD 042217

Partner WOD

30-minute AMRAP:

20 burpees

40 calorie row

60 wall balls (14/20)

80 walking lunges with a medicine ball (14/20)

100 double unders

Only one person works at a time and divide all work evenly.


Nice work gang, that's a tough sprint!

WOD 042117

5 rounds for time of:

20 pull-ups

200m run

20 push-ups

200m run


Big deads and strong pull-ups, great job folks!

WOD 042017

Part A:

10 back squats @60% of your 1RM

This will be the beginning of a 10RM back squat challenge in the coming weeks whereby we’ll be starting with 60% of our 1RM and adding 5 or 10lbs every week until failure.

Part B:

For time:

20 calorie bike

30 calorie row

40 medicine ball sit-ups (14/20)


A fantastic effort today, snatches are looking smooth and nice work on not only getting to the dubs, but pounding out a few!

WOD 041917

Part A:

deadlifts: 3-3-3-3-3 (climbing)

Part B:

weighted chest-to-bar pull-up: find your 1RM

Alternate WOD (feel free if you’ve got time!)

This workout is courtesy of

For time:

30 rope climbs to 15’


Tough workout, those dumbbell thrusters were fun though! Nice work today folks, front squats are looking strong.

WOD 041817

Part A:

snatch: build to a heavy triple (not touch and go)

Part B:

6-minute AMRAP:

2 rounds of:

20 power snatches (55/75)

10 lateral burpees over the bar

max double unders in the time remaining


Partner "WAR" was a laugh. Next time we'll go with the low cards for the movements instead of the high cards, make it more INTENSE! Nice work folks!

WOD 041717

Part A:

front squats: 5-5-5@85%

Part B:

For time:

30-20-10 reps of:

thrusters (55/75)


This workout is inspired by a recent WOD with dumbbells (25/35) instead of a barbell. Give that a go if you wish.


What a great crew for our Good Friday Hero WOD! "Glen" was a lot of fun, great to see you push through those tough movements.

WOD 041517

Partner “WAR”

This workout will be played using a deck of cards and will follow the rules of the card game WAR. Shuffle the deck and divide it evenly. The workout begins with each person flipping over a card at the same time. The person with the higher card gets to keep both cards and the losing person must do the movement and the required number of reps on the winning (higher) card. Continue playing until one person has the whole deck, or the time cap of 30 minutes is reached. Every time you run out of cards, re-shuffle them, lay them facedown and continue play.

If each person flips up the same card, that’s WAR so flip 3 more cards each, then a final card to decide the winner.

SPADES = back squats (75/115)

HEARTS = push-ups

CLUBS = kettlebell swings (53/70)

DIAMONDS = box jumps (20/24)

JOKERS = 400m run (together)

Depending on the suit, you will do one of the four movements above. Do the number of reps corresponding to the number on the card.

For face cards, it’s 11 reps for a Jack, 12 reps for a Queen, 13 reps for a King and 14 reps for an Ace.


Wow, nice job on that complex today, huge numbers!

Open at 11AM only tomorrow folks for a special Hero WOD. We did this one back in August of last year, come on in and repeat it, or give it a go for the first time!

Partner WOD as usual on Saturday and we'll be closed Easter Sunday.

WOD 041417

RESULTS (Aug 20, 2016)


Lots of double under skill on display today, nice work! Hopefully no sore tummies in the next day or two!

WOD 041317

Part A:

1 squat clean + 3 push jerks: find your max

Part B:

This workout is courtesy of

For time:

50 medicine ball cleans (14/20)

25 push jerks (105/155)

50 medicine ball cleans (14/20)

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